Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Rising Cost Of Silver

I reported a year ago on our silver jewellery site that Silver historically has always been a forerunner for determining future commodity prices. When Silver doubled in price it was not too long before oil, wheat, rice, copper etc all began to escalate.
The omens for the near future are not good. Silver prices continue to climb as investors struggle to find a safe haven for their money whilst dumping equities and stocks.
It may of course all change however with the US economy in an unstoppable recession it seems in the short term this is unlikely.
My only advice is to that if enough people cut back on their consumption of commodities such as Oil, gas and the precious metals then the drop in demand will create a downturn in the silver price forcing the big investors to maybe return to investing in essential growth for GDP producing companies, which can only be of benefit to the world economy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Silver ear-rings

  1. silver drop ear-rings
    "she wore rings on her fingers,
    bells on her toes,
    her mobile phone had lots of ringers
    complete with pretty tie-bows."

    We have been recently updating our site with new designs of both stud earrings and silver dangle earrings. the great thing about buying earrings as a present is you have no worries over getting the right size. Your only concern should be whether the intended recipient has pierced ears or not.

    The mother of pearl and inlaid shell designs are still relatively popular although the silverstall had a full range of these designs over 10 years ago. The silverstall shops sell these designs as old seconds whereas quite a few other jewellery shops sell these designs as the latest fashion!! sad.

Next years must have accessory may be the England flag ear-rings What is interesting about them they are worn by mostly genuine football fans and not Chavs or Kevs just following a fashion trend. Having said that they do blend well with Vauxhall Astras and burberry caps.